UPM-460 Vertical Spiral Filling Measurement Machine

■Applicable Packing Goods : Beans, candy, peng fa foods, tea leaves, shrimps cake, potato chips fried corn , granules substances, similar liquid substances and similar powder.
■Packing Speed : 6-20bag/min (Depend on the packed objects)
■Film Web(mm) : 450-830mm . 
■Packing Size(mm) : (W):210-400 (L):100-500
■Measureing Type : The adoption of computerized!B turn-tray!B auger filler...
■Power Source :
  220(V) x 50/60(Hz) x 1(Phase)
  Motor Consumption: 90 (w)
  Heater Consumption: 
    side seal 500(w) x 2pcs
    end seal 250(w) x 2pcs